Booking requests

Have your chickens stayed with us before?
I am aware bookings are not confirmed until a confirmation email and terms have been sent.

We will be in touch asap

Avian Flu - We can currently take your hens for boarding as we are not in an exclusion zone but the Defra rules may change!  


Please be aware if you or ourselves get moved into a restricted zone this will mean there can be no movement of birds and they will not be able to moved from here (in a worst case scenario it could be for months).  We can still take your hens as long as you aware that if this should happen, it will mean they cannot be moved off our premises until restrictions are lifted and that could result in a long stay/bill.  If you would like to talk it over please do contact us.

Please complete and send this form to book your chickens in with us for a holiday. We will contact you via email within 48 hours to confirm that we have space available and will forward you a confirmation email with full details. 

Should you not receive a reply within 48 hours please do contact us again as occasionally technology doesn't work!

A minimum rate of £30 applies to all bookings. We usually request payment when you drop your hens off.



Wednesday - Saturday the shop is open 10am - 5pm.  Please just come up to the shop when you arrive. If you arrive before 1pm their housing may not be ready, but if you’re happy for them to be housed in large crates until 1pm when their housing will be available, you are welcome to drop them off in the morning.


Sunday - Tuesday - Please contact us a day or two before to arrange a time.  This is essential as there will be no-one here on those days to take your hens, someone will come and meet you at the shop.




When you drop off we will arrange a collection time.  During busy periods the hens will remain in their house until midday when we will have to move them to large crates with food and water to enable us to prepare the housing for the afternoons arrivals.


Wednesday - Saturday - The shop is open 10am - 5pm so please just come up when you arrive.  During busy periods if you arrive after 12pm we may have to move your hens into large crates until you arrive to make way for the afternoons arrivals.


Sunday - Tuesday -   If you are collecting Sunday - Tuesday your hens will be boxed up at the time arranged when you dropped them off.  They will be placed in the green pop up tent on the drive just before the time you are due to collect.