Buying Chickens

We usually have plenty of lovely hens here to choose from and are happy to give you any advice you need. Every bird we sell comes with a 2 week guarantee against disease plus a genuine lifetime of free advice.

The first thing to decide is if you would like hybrids or pure breeds:

easter egger.jpg

 A hybrid chicken is a specialised breed selected to lay a lot of eggs.  There are many different varieties and colours.

Specific strains have been created by crossing many generations, selecting for certain characteristics within the offspring such as egg numbers, feed conversion etc.   

They are a great choice for first time chicken keepers.


Easy to care for, generally tough & hardy.

Will lay eggs all year round.

Easier to source, available all year round & generally cheaper than pure breeds.


Shorter lifespan - averaging 3-5 years.

Tend to be good diggers, will damage the ground faster than smaller breeds.

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Pure breed chickens are traditional 'pedigree' birds that if bred from, will produce the same offspring.


A huge variety of sizes and types, from enormous, fluffy breeds to miniature breeds.

Longer lived averaging 4-6 years.


They will only lay during the longest days of the year - Spring and Summer but no eggs in the winter.

Feather legged breeds tend not to damage the ground.

Feather footed breeds can get very muddy & need a little more care.

Hard to source as they are generally only bred in small batches.  More expensive to buy as they are slow growing & not produced in large quantities.  

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