Calci Worms are a dried high-calcium soft bodied larvae comparable to mealworms but ours are produced in Ireland so have full traceability (unlike those produced in China!).  


Our calciworms are produced in Ireland with no waste and are fed on by-products from the brewing industry so are fully sustainable.


They are are a perfect source of protein for all wild birds and also ideal for hedgehogs.  The calcium is crucial for good egg shells in birds and Calci worms are the only calcium rich feeder insects that have naturally balanced calcium and phosphorus. Calciworms roughly contain twenty to forty times more calcium than other dried insects such as the commonly fed mealworm.


After researching where most mealworms and Calciworms come from (China), we set out to source a far higher quality product with full traceability and less air miles.  We have sourced our stock from Ireland where they are produced in excellent, hygienic conditions.  They are quite different to Calciworms from China and feel much denser and are highly nutrient rich.  


Calcium worms, also called Calci worms are a natural nutrient rich feeder insect. High in protein, energy giving fat and amino acids and uniquely high in essential calcium. They have a positive calcium to phosphorus ratio meaning they aid the development of strong bones and eggs in all insectivore vertebrates including garden birds and hedgehogs.


Research shows that feeding a balanced Ca:P ratio increases animal health and contributes to stronger bones and eggs. Calci Worms have a naturally high calcium content and as such are an excellent addition to the diet of breeding birds and growing vertebrates such as birds and hedgehogs. To be used as part of a balanced diet and not fed to excess.



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