Chicken Keeping Starter Kit
This starter kit contains all the essentials you will need to get set up with chicken keeping. Products included: Easichick bedding (10kg)	A slightly heavier bedding for the base of your chicken house and in the nestboxes. Alfalfa Pecking Block (1.2 kg) 	These chicken treat blocks will keep your hens busy with the added advantage of helping to give them dark gold coloured egg yolks.  Place in a bowl in a dry area of the house or run for your hens to peck at. Versele Laga Gold 4 Mash (5 kg)	Gold 4 mash is a high quality complete feed for laying hens with a yolk colour enhancer suitable to feed from week 18 and during the entire egg-laying period.  Mash is perfect to feed to hens confined in any type of run, as it is quite fine it will take them a long time to eat and provide entertainment.  No need to mix with water, feed dry, ad lib. Newland Poultry Super Seeds (1 kg) 	An Irresistible healthy treat mix for your chickens. The oilseeds in the mix are an excellent source of protein and oils for health and shiny feahters, and research has shown feeding these in small quantities to laying hens will also result in a huge increase of Omega 3 fatty acids in the eggs.  Newland Poultry Premium Grit (1.9kg)	A very high quality mix of a finer grade chicken grit, oyster shell, oilseeds and minerals which is very palatable to the chickens.  Grit replaces the hens teeth and enables them to 'chew' the food and oyster shell is for calcium to make strong eggshells.  This is an essential that should be available all the time alongside food and water. Hook on grit pot	Ideal for grit & oyster shell. 3kg - Feeder - Suitable for up to 5 hensEither green or red (stock dependent - Please state if you have a colour preference) 3 Litre Drinker - Suitable for up to 5 hensEither green or red (stock dependent - Please state if you have a colour preference)

Chicken Keeping Starter Kit


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