Choice by GLW Feeds have been specifically formulated and prepared to provide a healthy and natural diet free from antibiotics and hormones.


These diets have been manufactured using nutritious grains and other natural ingredients to create an attractive and palatable diet that your herd will thrive on.


The GLW Aztec Silver diet is available in a 3mm pellet.


GLW Choice feeds contain high quality natural ingredients which are inspected on arrival and then undergo strict quality control tests both at the mill and at an independent quality laboratory. Alpaca feeds are available in 20kg bag. The robust plastic bags have an easy-open stitched top seam. Store in a cool, dry place.


Formulated for the specific needs of Alpacas, GLW Aztec Silver Diet contains an Alpaca mineral supplement to ensure your herd stays healthy. This diet is designed to be fed with forage.


Aztc Silver is a 16% crude protein with high levels of vitamins and minerals.  Designed as a Spring and winter supplementary feed to balance grazing or where protein may be required in the winter months.




5.0 Oil  16.0 Protein  11.00 Fibre  9.0  Ash


Copper: 55mg/kg

Selenium 2.7mg/kg

Zinc 600 mg/kg

Vitamin A 3000 iu/kg

Vitamin D3 6000 iu/kg

Vitamin E 250 iu/kg

Vitamin B12 75 mcg/k



Sugar Beet Pulp, Wheatfeed, Distillers grains, Hi-pro soya, Molasses, Palm Kernal, Fat, Vitamins and minerals.

GLW Aztec Silver Pellets - Alpacas & Llamas



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