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Gut Conditioning Pellets 4kg
A unique high performance pellet with added Orego-Stim (Meriden Animal Health), a health supplement that helps promote healthier digestion, gut health and boost immunity.


Ideal to add to the usual layers pellets or mash at a rate of around 40% during times of illness, stress or moulting or 10% as an everyday feed supplement.
• Promotes a healthy digestive system & supports the immune system
• Packed with vitamins and minerals
• Controls pathogenic bacteria
• High protein - perfect for weight gain or when moulting
• Provies and maintains tip-top condition
• Added Orego-Stim
Contains :
Wheat, Wheatfeed, Maize Flake Screenings, Whole Naked Oats, Full Fat Soya Meal, Hipro Soya.


Additives (per kg):
Dicalcium Phosphate, Limestone, Salt, Methoionine, Orego Stim, Yeast Culture,
Ironoxide, Poultry Breeder Supplement, Vitamin E, Synerox.

Gut Conditioning Pellets 4kg

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