Micronised Full Fat Linseed Meal 20kg



Protein 23% Oil 35% Fibre 7% Ash 5.15%


Linseed, in its raw state, contains the enzyme Linase, which, in moist conditions, can trigger the release of hydrogen cyanide. Micronization not only enhances feed value and palatability, but also destroys Linase, so that the resulting product can be fed direct to all stock. High in health giving Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, Micronized Full Fat Linseed Meal provides health within, and appearance without! Its high energy, combined with very low starch levels, is especially beneficial to all Equines, including older horses, and those prone to Laminitis.  Manufactured by Charnwood


Feeding rate: On average 150gm - 200gm per day depending on the size of the horse. ie. 150gm for a small pony and 200gm for a large thoroughbred.



Protein 23.00%

Oil 35.00%

(Omega 3 18.2% Omega 6 5.3% Omega 9 7.7% others 3.5%)

Fibre 7.00%

Ash 5.15%

Lysine 0.93%

Methionine 0.46%

M + C 0.81%

DE 20.00 mj/kg as fed

DE (Horses) 20.50 mj/kg as fed

ME (Rum) 18.54 mj/kg DM

ME (Poult) 17.70 mj/kg as fed

Calcium 0.23%

Phosphorous 0.65%

Magnesium 0.36%

Av Phos 0.20%

Salt 0.31%

DM 94.00%

Starch 3.70%

Linoleic 5.15%

Sodium 0.06%

Threonine (total) 0.90%

Hydrocyanic Acid less than 26ppm (after steeping for 3 days)

Micronised Full Fat Linseed Meal 20kg


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