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10kg Poultry Feeder

We decided to stock these after being recommended them by numerous customers and they are great!  Designed to prevent losing ££££s of feed and minimise any waste plus they are supplied by a small UK company.


This chicken feeder will help stop feed spillage and waste, reducing the amount of pests scavenging for food on the ground. The rain hoods and tight weatherproof lid also keep the feed dry and fresh at all times.


Chickens will always have access to clean and dry feed. It holds around 10kg of feed which means you won’t need to refill it every day and it works with all types of feed including: pellets, crumbles, grains and scratch.


Product Features:


No More Wasted Feed: Chicken feeder ports help stop chickens from spilling, soiling and scratching out feed. This eliminates waste, reduces your feed bill, and reduces the amount of pests on the look out to steal food.


Feed Stays Fresh, Clean and Dry: Poultry feeder comes with a tight weatherproof lid and rain hoods which keeps the feed dry and clean at all times.


Large 15kg Capacity: Holds over 15kg of feed which means your chickens will have a constant supply of fresh feed without needing to refill it every day.


Perfect for Small to Medium Flocks: Ideal for 2-12 (2-Port) or 4-24 chickens (4-Port).


Hand Assembled In U.K by a small family business: Each feeder is hand assembled in Cheshire by Little Hen Supplies and comes with a 1 year warranty.


What is included:


15kg Chicken Feeder (11.5 x 11.5 x 10 inches)

4 port feeders with rain hoods

Carry handle to make refilling easy

Tight seal weatherproof lid


Hand Assembled In U.K by Little Feed Supplies and comes with a 1 year warranty.


Photos courtesy of Little Feed Supplies.

10kg Poultry Feeder

PriceFrom £43.99

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