Serama Bantam

Please note - When ordering online:  Please add our purpose made transport boxes to your basket (4 medium hens can be fitted in one box @ £2.95 each). If no boxes are added we will refund the order as we can't organise safe, contact free collection without them.


Seramas are a tiny chicken, not much larger than a  mug. They are usually very friendly and make good pets.


They come in a variety of colours, there are no standard colours for Serama.


They need covered, windproof runs to protect them from the elements.


Due to their tiny size they CANNOT be mixed with bigger birds.


Please note:  If ordering online please select a colour but be aware it is only a rough guide and colours will vary.  We will do our best to provide the selected colour but it may be different.


A minimum of 2 Serama can be purchased.


Serama Bantam

  • Serama are miniature birds and are not suitable for mixing with larger birds.

    They will need to be kept in an enclosed run as they are easy targets for cats and birds of prey.

    They will require a sheltered environment and a small sized layers pellet or mash feed.  Our Versele Laga Show 3 pellet is ideal.

  • I confirm by buying live chickens I will:

    1. Provide a secure, fox proof house with good ventilation and perches for them to sleep on.  They will be locked in overnight if their run is not predator proof.
    2. Provide at least 1 square metre of run space for bantams and 2 square metres for medium and large birds.
    3. Provide a constant supply of clean water.
    4. Provide a constant supply of layers mash or layers pellets.
    5. Supply a constant supply of mixed grit & oyster shell.
    6. Will put temporary bowls of food & water in different areas for the first few weeks whilst the pecking order is established.
    7. I have purchased a minimum of 2 x birds.

    I have added enough poultry transport boxes to checkout to enable safe, contact free collection - Up to 4 medium sized birds can be fitted in one of our transport boxes (£2.95 each).

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