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Smite Diatomaceous Earth Powder 350g

Smite Diatomaceous Earth Powder is an organic, naturally-mined mineral product made up of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae, which is used as a desiccant powder and drying agent for use in poultry and livestock bedding and housing areas.


The natural silica absorbs any moisture and neutralises ammonia, so reducing odours and creating a dry environment in which it is impossible for mite and insects to thrive. It encourages and supports healthy living conditions for animals and poultry, due to the reduction in parasitic organisms which feed off the host; in turn this reduces irritation and other harmful effects and supports productivity and good health.


• Ideal for moist areas where moulds, fungi, mites and crawling insects thrive.


• Natural product, contains no chemicals


• Can be used when animals and birds are present


• Stain-free


• Odour-free


• Can be used in food areas


• Has no detrimental effect on the natural eco-system


• For control of ants, fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches, stored product insects, mites (including Red Mite), Book Lice, Silverfish

Smite Diatomaceous Earth Powder 350g

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