Diatomaceous Earth Powder (Louse & Redmite Powder)

Organ-X Desi-Dust (Diatomaceous Earth) Insect Killing Powder kills all crawling insects

100% chemical free, contains diatomaceous earth.

It is made from the fossilised remains of diatoms and is a very fine white-grey powder.  The silica shards cut through the waxy exoskeleton surface, effectively drying out the lice and red mites resulting in death.

Puff around the chicken house weekly during warm weather paying particular attention to perches and nestboxes.  Add to the chickens dustbath and use on the birds themselves to eradicate body lice.


Ideal for use in poultry sheds and for domestic use against bed bugs

Also effective against red mite, fleas, earwigs, millipedes, centipedes, silverfish & carpet beetles.

Effective against infestations of grain storage insects

Can be used indoors and outdoors, safe for use around plants

Diatomaceous Earth Powder (Louse & Redmite Powder)


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