Easter Egger Hybrid - 16 weeks

Please note - When ordering online:  Please add our purpose made transport boxes to your basket (4 medium hens can be fitted in one box @ £2.95 each). If no boxes are added we will refund the order as we can't organise safe, contact free collection without them).


Hen Size - Medium


Colour - Huge range of colours including pure white, cuckoo, shades of blue and browns.  Some have little head crests.


Eggs - Up to 280 per year


Egg Colour - The majority will lay shades of blue/green but a small proportion lay shades of cream to brown or a pinky colour.


Character - Can be quite flighty but some become quite friendly.

Easter Egger Hybrid - 16 weeks

  • I confirm by buying live chickens I will:

    • Provide a secure, fox proof house with good ventilation and perches for them to sleep on.  They will be locked in overnight if their run is not predator proof.
    • Provide at least 1 square metre of run space for bantams and 2 square metres for medium and large birds.
    • Provide a constant supply of clean water.
    • Provide a constant supply of layers mash or layers pellets.
    • Supply a constant supply of mixed grit & oyster shell.
    • Will put temporary bowls of food & water in different areas for the first few weeks whilst the pecking order is established.
    • I have purchased a minimum of 2 x birds.

    I have added enough poultry transport boxes to checkout to enable safe, contact free collection - Up to 4 medium sized birds can be fitted in one of our transport boxes (£2.95 each).

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