Chicken Boarding

We started offering our chicken boarding service in Malvern in 2007 so are pleased to say we now have plenty of experience!  We have Omlet Eglu's, Go's and Cubes, so your chickens can stay in luxury and comfort.


Whilst we know the best scenario is to always keep your chickens in the comfort of their own home, this is not always realistic, so over the years we feel we have perfected the most stress free, safe alternative for your chickens. We only use the Omlet housing for our chicken sitting as the houses can be thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected, don't harbour red mite and offer superb protection from predators.

We have a choice of housing depending on how many chickens you have. We have Omlet Eglu's and Go's with run extensions that will house a maximum of 4 medium birds, and we have Omlet Cube's with run extensions that will house up to 10 chickens. 

Our Chicken Boarding service offers:

  • A safe, trustworthy, very experienced home where we can quickly spot and treat any problems should they arise. 

  • Spotlessly clean plastic Eglu housing,  dismantled and jet washed before every visit and sprayed with disinfectant and mite killer.  The smooth surfaces of the housing ensure there is nowhere for mites or bugs to hide from our rigorous cleaning. We don't use wooden chicken houses as they cannot be effectively cleaned.

  • Our hen holiday homes are located in a large paddock overlooked by our house but with no public access and away from all other chickens.  There is always a very wide gap between houses, reducing stress for your chooks as they won't be anywhere near strange chickens.

  • The ground is treated with a disinfectant between guests to kill off any 'nasties' and prevent cross infection, additionally, houses are set in rows and moved in sequence meaning your hens will not be on ground that other hens have used for at least 6 weeks (usually twice as long).   Grass is regularly mown so the hens never have access to crop binding long stalks.

  • Garvo or Versele Laga Layers pellets or mash included, or if you prefer your hens to have their usual feed or a special diet please bring it along and we will stick with your routine.

  • We will collect and store any eggs laid by your birds for you to take home.

  • Droppings removed regularly from the housing, and fresh bedding laid.

  • Fully insulated, but well ventilated Omlet housing so the chickens will not become too hot or cold.

  • All hens will be thoroughly checked over with you on arrival to ensure they are returned to you in good condition.  

  • Chickens will be locked inside the Omlet house overnight for safety & let out again in the morning.

  • Very fox resistant, large safe run for your hens only - we would never consider mixing groups of hens.

  • All our Omlet Eglu's have a 1m run extension fitted, giving a total run length of 3 metre's. Full length Omlet waterproof covers are now fitted on every run to keep your hens dry and give them shelter from the wind and sun, additionally this makes them feel more secure as the covers overhead make them feel safe.

  • Runs will be moved onto fresh ground very regularly. 

  • Our Omlet Cube's have an additional 1m run extension fitted to the standard 2m Cube run.

  • We live on-site and our property is covered by farm alarms, comprehensive CCTV and patrolled by four dogs (who are very chicken friendly!) to keep your chooks safe and secure.

Our Chicken Sitting rates - Jan 2020

Rates are PER COOP, per night (not per bird).


Eglu & run - Houses up to 4 chickens - £7 per night

Cube & run - For 5-7 chickens - £9 per night 

Cube & run - For 8-10 chickens - £11 per night. 


  • All above prices include 20% VAT, Versele Laga layers pellets or mash, mixed corn and bedding. 

  • Please note there is a minimum charge of £25

Boarding Collection and Drop Off Times & Terms - Covid


As we are not operating normal shop hours for the foreseeable future, please can you contact us a day or two before dropping off to arrange a convenient drop off time (unless on a Saturday when we are open 10am - 3pm).


When dropping off we will ask you to put your boxed chickens in the green pop up tent on the drive and ring the bell on the table.  We will come out, arrange a collection time and take any details on your chickens diet and care observing social distancing rules.  All transport boxes will need to be left here with the hens.


We would normally ask you to sign our disclaimer, but at this time we will assume by bringing your hens to us you have read and agree to our drop off and collection arrangements and the disclaimer in blue below.




For our safety and to minimise risk (especially if you have been on an aeroplane), we hope you understand that when collecting we will ask that you collect your hens with no contact.  


They will boxed up in your boxes and placed in the green pop up tent on the drive for you to collect to at the agreed time.  We won’t come out to see you unless you press the bell on the table for assistance.


We have cctv in the tent and will ensure they are safe until you arrive.


We undertake to look after your hens to the very best of our ability and knowledge. We cannot be held responsible for any illness, injury, theft, loss, predator attack or death whilst in our care. Any hens not collected within 7 days of the arranged collection date will automatically become the property of Newland Poultry and will be re-homed. Hens collected after the agreed time may be moved to alternative housing during busy periods. 

You are happy for your hens to be boxed and put out at the agreed time for a no contact collection.

To book

Please either telephone us or click here for our online booking form. We will email confirmation and full terms and conditions.

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