Home Visits & Delivery

We understand not everyone finds it easy to handle their chickens or spot problems with them so we offer a range of home visits to help you care for your hens.  If the service you are looking for is not listed please do contact us.

For those who struggle to handle the heavy feed sacks etc. for a small charge we can also deliver your feed & products within the local area and unload it in a place of your choice as well as offering nationwide courier delivery.

Day & evening appointments available. 

Local Feed & Product Delivery


Free local delivery of horse, chicken and livestock feed & products within 5 miles of WR13 5AZ for orders over £100

Whilst we offer our nationwide delivery service we can now also deliver locally for a nominal cost (free for July within 5 miles!).  There is a small charge for up to 5 miles from WR13 5AZ and £1 per mile charge over the 5 mile limit.


Both large and small van delivery available depending on the amount you require.  Please contact us for prices. Some very large and bulky items may be excluded from the delivery service.

Message us with your postcode and products for a price.

The Health Visit

From £45

Do you find it hard to catch, handle & treat your chickens?  We can visit you at home and offer the following services:

* General Health Checks   

* Wing Clipping.    

* Treatment for Body Lice    

* Fitting Beak or Bumpa Bits    

* Treatment for Scaly Leg

* Beak and nail trimming

* Red mite checks and advice.

We carry with us all the products needed.  We would just ask that you have your hens confined in an accessible house or run before we arrive.

Included in the £45 price:

- Included is our travelling time & costs up to 6 miles from WR13 5AZ (there is an additional charge of £1 per mile over this limit).

- 30 minutes of our time (from arrival) spent helping with your hens in whatever way you choose - this could be advice and guidance or treating the birds for a lice infestation etc.  

Rather than charge per bird treatment we charge by time.  Extra 15 minute increments of time are charged at £5.

- The cost of products needed to treat the hens is included, meaning you don't have to buy lots of products you'll never use! 

Chicken Health Home Visit.jpg

Delivery & Set Up Service 

From £45

If you're new to chicken keeping we know it can seem daunting to even unload them when you get home let alone handle them and do health checks.  We can deliver your hens to you, settle them into the hen house and go through whatever you need to know such as:

How to handle them

General set up and care

How to clip wings and do a health check etc.

Included in the £40 price:

- Our travelling time and costs for up to 6 miles (additional £1 per mile charge over 6 miles from WR13 5AZ).

Loading and transport of your chickens to you.

Unloading and settling them in to their new home.

30 minutes of our time (from arrival) running through any questions you may have or showing you how to handle your new birds.


The Holiday Service 

From £15

We offer a few options if you are going  away on holiday.  


1.  You can either bring your hens to here to stay with us in our Omlet holiday 'chalets'.

2.  If you are not confident handling your hens, we offer a taxi service whereby we can come to you, catch, box and transport them back here to our holiday homes.

3. For larger flocks or if you prefer not to move them,  we can come and do a daily check of your hens, top up feeders and drinkers, collect eggs, clean out etc,

Prices are variable depending on the distance and amount of time involved daily,  but start from £15 per visit.

Message us to Enquire