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Agrivite Feather, Shell & Bone Tonic

Agrivite Enhance Feather Shell 'n' Bone supplies your chickens with essential Vitamin D3, calcium and magnesium. Vitamin D3 is needed for the body to absorb calcium, whilst magnesium is essential for the development of the bone and egg shell. Lack of these essential vitamins will result in the egg shells becoming very thin causing the eggs to break easily.


Mix 5ml of the liquid per litre of drinking water. Replace water daily.


Give for 3-7 days, thereafter for 1 day a week.


Active ingredients per 100ml:


Vitamin D3    40,000iu

Calcium 680mg

Magnesium    50mg

Agrivite Feather, Shell & Bone Tonic

PriceFrom £7.95

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