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Biolink Poultry Tonic

A great pick me up for chickens in times of stress, such as heat or new birds being introduced. It has a mix of essential vitamins and electrolytes designed specifically for poultry. Also recommended for adding to the chickens drinking water at the point of lay to give your birds an added vitamin boost.


  • Contains natural antioxidants
  • Helps to support the early growth in chicks
  • Aids in recovery following medication and other periods of stress such as introduction of new birds, moult, disease challenge and heat stress
  • Supplements your poultry’s nutritional requirements


Instructions for use:


It is recommended for use for chicks/poults from 4 days of age. Following vaccination and after any antibiotic treatment. During periods of stress and disease challenge.


Add 5 ml of Poultry Tonic to every 1 litre of clean drinking water and treat for 3-5 days.


Vitamin A 

Vitamin D3 

Vitamin E 

Vitamin K 


Pantothenic acid 

Precursor Folic Acid 


Vitamin B1 

Vitamin B2 

Vitamin B6 

Vitamin B12


Biolink Poultry Tonic

PriceFrom £4.95

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