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Chicken Boredom Buster Kit

A great kit with lots of products to keep your hens busy and entertained and help prevent boredom.


If you are ordering for delivery, don't forget you can add another 10kg's of products for no extra carriages charges!


Kit will include the items below but colours and brands may vary.  Should we be out of stock of a particular item we will substitute a similar product of the same or higher value so you won't miss out!


- 2kg of our amazing best selling Superseeds - a healthy and nutritious treat, scatter in the clean bedding or on the ground to keep your hens entertained and busy hunting for their treats.

- Hanging Treat Net - This can be used for the Alfalfa blocks and also fruit and vegetables.  We suggest hanging it up at just above hen head height so they have to work for their treats - exercise and entertainment at the same time.

- A pack of 6 x Feldy Treat balls (flavours may vary) - these balls will fit in the hanging fat ball holder which is also part of the kit.

- Fat Ball Holder - Ideal for the Feldy fat balls but also suitable for hanging up fruit and veg for your hens.  The style may vary and will either be metal or recycled plastic.

- Mirror - Hang up in your hens run - They are drawn to anything shiny and can peck away without doing any damage.

- 2 x Alfafa and corn blocks.  These are our best selling product and are not only very tasty but a healthy treat for your hens.  Grass will give a good dark yellow yolk colour  so not only will they keep your hens busy you will get improved eggs.

Free - Each kit comes with a free hanging peck block - flavours and brand will vary.



Chicken Boredom Buster Kit


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