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Clear Run Cover

These clear PVC tarpaulins are completely waterproof and ideal for use as animal and chicken run covers but can also be used for many other projects around the home and outside.  They have a slight 'bloom' on them which means they are not glass clear but they will let in the most amount of light of all the covers available.


Each tarpaulin comes with a white PVC reinforced hem, with 12mm aluminium eyelets at 50cm intervals (bungee cords not included)


As these clear PVC tarps are an unsupported PVC without any base layer they do not have the same tensile strength as tarps with a similar weight or those with filaments. As a result we do not recommend the eyelets on these tarps to be put under strain, tension or fixed directly to hooks. If using the eyelets we suggest elasticated bungee cord rather than rope and they need supporting (by lying on top of the chicken wire etc.).


Can be attached to wire with our Shock Cord Hooks (not included)



  • When deciding which type of cover take into account how dark the area is.  In darker locations use a clear cover to allow plenty of light in for the birds, or consider covering half the run with clear and half with dark covers to provide both light and shade.
  • In strong wings always ensure run covers are either removed or firmly tied down.
  • In snowy or icy weather ensure the covers are fully supported underneath on a weight bearing base as the weight of heavy snow can cause flimsy runs to bend.
  • Attach using elasticated cord where possible to a strong surface - Elasticated cord allows movement rather than tearing


Please Note: All  tarpaulin sizes are 'cut sizes' which is industry standard terminology for the size of the material before it is fabricated into a tarpaulin. Therefore expect the 'finished' size to be up to 30 cms shorter, and up to 45cm on very large sizes. Most tarps will have a seam as they are fabricated by heat sealing several pieces of polyethylene together.



Clear Run Cover

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