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Chick Heat Plate

Electric Hen for keeping young chicks warm.  More cost effective than a traditional heat lamp and a far more natural way to raise chicks with no artificial lighting.


The heat plate on the underside of the stand gives off warmth, mimicking the mother hen - the chicks go under the plate and press their backs against the underside of the plate to warm up - they can then leave the warmth to go and get food and water - just as nature intended.


These are the heat plates that we use here to rear all our chicks, and they have stong very easily adjusted legs and have proved to be very reliable.


Low wattage: 25 x 25cm for up to 20 chicks - 25 watts.

30cm x 30cm for 20-25 chicks - 20 watts.

Chick Heat Plate

PriceFrom £51.99

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