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Feldy Chicken Pecker Balls - Pack of 6

Feldy's Chicken Pecker Balls are high quality and a bespoke product made for commercial and domestic chicken keepers. Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The blend of 12 specially selected, readily digestible ingredients contributes to the flock's daily intake of essential nutrients. In addition, a blend of added herbs and spices helps to attract birds to the pecker balls.


Available in 4 flavours:


Garlic -  Supports immune system, kills bad bacteria & deters parasites, promotes egg production, sustains underweight chickens.


Seaweed - Improves immunity to disease, increases antioxidant capacity, aids absorbtion of nutrients, improves egg quality.


Mixed Berry - Added appeal for fussy chickens, encourages eating, enhanced vitamins & minerals.


Original - Enhanced vitamins and minerals, sustains underweight chickens.



Ideal to hang up in wild bird fat ball feeders.


Each ball weighs approximately 110g

Feldy Chicken Pecker Balls - Pack of 6


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