Flubenvet/Flubendazole Chicken Worming Powder 1% - 60g tub

Flubendazole is the only licensed, proven effective wormer for poultry. 


Flubenvet It is mixed with the chickens usual feed for a 7 day period and is recommended to to be used 3-4 times annually.


As a rough guide a 60g tub of Flubenet/Flubendazole is enough to medicate 20kg's/ of chiken feed, enough to worm 20 chickens.  Therefore if you have 5 hybrid type chickens, 1 tub will be enough to worm them 4 times so will be enough to treat you hens for a whole year.


You may receive either Flubenvet or Flubendazole - both are identical products, differently packaged.


As Flubenvet is a POM-VPS medication we cannot process any orders unless you read and type 'yes' to agree with the prescription information below. We are licenced by the VMD and have a qualified A-SQP onsite in order to sell Flubenvet. We do not ship outside the UK.


Datasheet Information for Flubenvet Introduction Elanco combined logo 2011 Company name: Elanco Animal Health Address: Eli Lilly and Company Limited Lilly House Priestley Road, Basingstoke Hampshire, RG24 9NL Telephone: 01256 353131 Fax: 01256 779510 Email: elancouk@lilly.com Website: www.elanco.com Company name: Elanco Companion Animal Health Address: Eli Lilly and Company Limited Lilly House Priestley Road, Basingstoke Hampshire, RG24 9NL Telephone: 01256 353131 Technical & Academic Services (24 hr response 01256 779956) Fax: 01256 779510 Email: elancoCAH.UK@lilly.com Website: www.elanco.com

Presentation 1 % (w/w) white to slightly yellow, medicated premixture containing 10 mg/g flubendazole in a 60 g tub with a 6 g scoop.


Uses Domestic Poultry Wormer: Flubenvet 1% Medicated Premixture is effective against gapeworm, large roundworm, caecal worm, hairworm, and gizzard worm in chickens, turkeys, and geese. Activity includes adult worms, larvae and eggs. Dosage and administration Dosing Instructions Medicated feed should be fed for 7 consecutive days. Incorporate the required amount of the product into the daily feed ration. The daily ration should be fed as a “complete ration” during the 7 day treatment period - ie only feed birds with feed which has been medicated with Flubenvet at the inclusion rates below, for chicken and geese the ration will contain 30 ppm flubendazole and for turkeys 20 ppm. Dosage Chickens and Geese - 60 g of product (the whole tub) medicates 20 kg of feed    


Use the scoop to measure the correct amount of product to mix into the feed as per above. The dosage is dependent on the amount of feed that each bird consumes over the 7-day treatment period.


Larger birds eat more feed and receive more medication according to their weight.


Mixing advice:   The volume of product to be mixed into the feed is small. Mix very well for even distribution. Initially, mix the required volume of Flubenvet into a cup of feed. Mix very well. Add this to a bowl of feed and mix very well. Repeat twice more, every time into a larger volume of food until the total volume of medicated feed has been produced. Mix well.


Treatment frequency:  Birds on the ground with known worm infestations are susceptible to re-infestation. In such cases, re-treatment with another 7-day course, after 3 weeks is recommended.


Contra-indications, warnings, etc:  Withdrawal periods: Meat - Birds must not be slaughtered for human consumption during treatment. Treated birds may be slaughtered for human consumption only after 7 days from the last treatment; the meat withdrawal time is 7 days.

Eggs - There is no withholding period for chickens producing eggs for human consumption when the product is used at the recommended inclusion rate; the egg withdrawal time is zero days.


Operator warnings:  The product is a powder and mixing may generate dust. Prepare the product in a well ventilated place. Do not breathe in dust. If accidental inhalation of dust occurs, move to an outdoor area with fresh air. To avoid accidental inhalation wear a disposable dust mask (that conforms to European Standard EN149). Accidental ingestion by humans should be avoided. Avoid direct skin contact as this may cause irritation and sensitisation. Wear impervious gloves when mixing and handling the product. Wash affected parts if skin contact occurs. If accidental eye contact occurs, immediately rinse thoroughly with water. Disposal Dispose of empty containers in the domestic refuse. Used containers should not be recycled.


For animal treatment only. Keep out of the reach and sight of children. Overdose Flubendazole is an analog of mebendazole for which the side effects of overdose include transient gastrointestinal abnormalities.

Pharmaceutical precautions To be supplied only on veterinary prescription – from your veterinarian, pharmacist or a suitably qualified person.

Store in tightly closed, original container below 25 °C. Legal category Medicated Premixture

Flubenvet/Flubendazole Chicken Worming Powder 1% - 60g tub

  • Flubendazole is a POM-VPS prescription only product.  Our premises are inspected & licensed by the VMD and a qualified SQP will dispense the product for you and issue the prescription.  Please tick the box below to confirm you have read and agreed with the following:

     * I confirm that I will be using this product for its intended purpose. 

    * I am aware that this product is dispensed for domestic poultry.

    * I confirm that eggs produced from the poultry being treated are for domestic use in the purchasing household.

    * I am aware there is no withdrawal period for eggs during treatment, but there is a 7 day withdrawal period for poultry intended for slaughter.

    *  The product is to be fed for 7 consecutive days.

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