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Live Mealworms 60g

These are high quality locally producted live mealworms from a fellow, small local company Grubsup in Worcestershire. Even the packaging is plant based!


They are raised on organic carrots and bran.

By far the most popular treat for your chickens and wild birds.


From Grubsup: "Our Grubbs have not been stored in freight or travelled outside of the UK. The lineage, now in their 28th full generation, is clean and traceable to our own farm in Worcestershire. This means you are opting for sustainable and environmental solutions to feeding your animals. Not one antibiotic or chemical has been near our mealworms. Even their sorting houses are made of food grade material - So no nasty contaminants are getting into your animals"


If ordering for delivery they will be sent by Royal Mail unless as part of a larger order. We won't ship them on a Friday to ensure they aren't hanging around over a weekend and you receive the freshest product.

Live Mealworms 60g


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