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Olive Egger Hatching Eggs - Price per egg

Please note:  If you want to order more than half a dozen eggs please contact us for a delivery price as we can add more to parcel without adding to the first delivery charge.


Hens that lay an Olive Egg are produced by crossing a dark brown egg laying cockerel with a blue egg laying hen (you won't receive Olive coloured hatching eggs but the eggs will be blue).


We use our very dark egg strain producing French Wheaten Marans cockerel over Cream Legbar hens.


We sometimes have hatching eggs from our breeding groups of birds.  We usually have them from mid Spring onwards when we have thoroughly tested fertility.


We can't guarantee fertility but don't sell eggs until we are getting at least 70% fertility here, however if for any reason you have a zero fertility please bring or send the eggs back and we can candle them, if they are totally clear with no signs of development we will refund you.  We mark all the eggs we sell so bring them back with your receipt to be checked if you have any issues.


Please be aware that when hatching 70% is a good hatch rate so we would always recommend  putting at least 6 in to hopefully end up with 3 chicks, it's almost unheard of to have a 100% hatch rate.  It's also worth bearing in mind half the hatch will be cockerels which would probably need to be culled as rehoming is very tricky!


If we don't have any in stock,  you can either click 'Notify when available' and we will message you when we have more ready or if they are laying well you can preorder and we will message you as soon as they have laid enough eggs - Timings can vary so please message first if you need them urgently but it is usually around a week.



Olive Egger Hatching Eggs - Price per egg


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