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Deluxe Mixed Corn -Versele Laga Gra Mix

GRA-MIX ARDENNES MIXTURE is a really high-quality grain mixture for laying hens, broilers, ducks, geese and other poultry with sunflowers, grains, seeds, maize and peas.


Feed only as a treat, ideally a very small handful daily, later in the day.


Composition Wheat, maize, Sorghum, dari, peas, sunflower seed Analytical constituents Crude protein 10.0%, Crude fat 3.5%, Crude ash 1.5%, Crude fibre 2.5%, Methionine 0.18%, Lysine 0.32%, Sodium 0.02%, Calcium 0.10%, Phosphorus 0.30%

Deluxe Mixed Corn -Versele Laga Gra Mix

PriceFrom £6.29

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