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Wyandotte Bantams

Please note - If you are collecting outside shop opening hours please add our purpose made transport boxes to your basket as hens will be boxed up and placed in the Click & Collect building (3 medium hens can be fitted in one box @ £2.95 each). 


Pure Breeds - We only tend to sell pure breeds in pairs (or with other pure breeds of a similar age) unless there are exceptional circumstances as they are very prone to being bullied.  Pure breeds are slower growing and at this age wouldn't be suitable to mix with hybrids or older birds but would need to be kept separate and very slowly introduced when older.  They will require a grower feed until around 20/25+ weeks old.


Wyandotte bantams are stunning birds in a wide variety of colours.  They are quite large for a bantam and are good layers of an average sized egg.


Please note:  If ordering online please select a colour but be aware it is only a rough guide and colours will vary.  We will do our best to provide the selected colour but it may be different.


A minimum of 2 similar sized birds can be purchased.


Wyandotte Bantams