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Essential items

These are our recommended products to get you started with chicken keeping.

Please look at the other pages in Help & Advice for more detailed information on keeping chickens.

Economy Essentials 

These are the economy basics every chicken keeper needs.

Autumn Chicken Kits

Most chickens will moult in the Autumn and need lots of support and extra protein, we have picked Agrivite tonic and Nettex Mineral powder as essentials to help them though the moult.  The Anti Peck spray will help stop the other hens pecking when the new quills are growing.

Alfalfa treat blocks are great for replacing the grass as it stops growing and Calci Worms give moulting hens a good boost of protein.  It's a good time to rain proof your run before the weather turns.

Winter Chicken Kits

During the cold, wet months it is important to keep your hens in top health and Multivitamins added to the water will really help them.  As the grass stops growing boredom can be a problem, supply Peck blocks in the run to help keep them busy.  Try hanging up cabbages, lettuces etc. As the hens are unlikely to find dry soil to dustbath in provide them with a dustbath with sand and diatomaceous earth so they can keep themselves free of lice.

As the ground becomes wet and muddy lay our chicken run mud management system to keep your hens clean and dry.  Watch out for mice and rats now, take the feed in at night to help minimise their presence.

Summer Chicken Kits

The biggest issue in the summer is the dreaded red mite.  Keep one step ahead by spraying the house weekly with Total Mite Kill followed by handfuls of Diatomaceous Earth Powder to help keep it at bay. Remember to provide your hens with plenty of shade. Worm your hens again now with Flubenvet as part of their quarterly worming programme.

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