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Alfalfa & Grain Chicken Treat Block - 1.2kg

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A healthy Alfalfa grain treat block and boredom breaker for all poultry. Ideal for chickens with no access to grass. These chicken treat blocks will keep your hens busy with the added advantage of helping to give them dark gold coloured egg yolks.


We recommend placing the dry block in a covered feed container such as our grit container. Our brown grit feeders will comfortably fit two blocks and the black/grey grit feeders will fit one block. Alternatively hang them up in one of our treat nets at chicken head height.




  • Some hens go mad for the blocks and won't leave them alone.  If your group are like this, limit how long they have them for and just give them access for an hour or two a day.


  • Try feeding them via a different method.  If you have them in a bowl on the floor try hanging them up high so the hens have to jump and work to get them - exercise and entertainment!


  • If your hens are not initially  sure about the blocks, pop some corn or treat food on top of them to encourage them to start pecking or try feeding them in an alternative feeder e.g. if you're hanging them up put them on the floor in a bowl.



Contains: Alfalfa, maize, grit and oyster shell - Ingredients may vary slightly with seasonal availability. 1.2 kg

Alfalfa & Grain Chicken Treat Block - 1.2kg

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