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Cheer Up Chicken by The Little Feed Company

A Pick-Me-Up for Laying Hens


An appetizing mix with oregano, herbs and spices to support the immune system and maintain a healthy gut.


  • A tasty mix for a nutritional boost
  • With oregano extract for health and vitality
  • Herbs and spices support immunity and a healthy gut
  • Perfect for new rescues, or during times of stress


What is it?

Cheer Up Chicken is a tasty mix of appetizing cereals and grains with added herbs and spices. Included are stimulating pellets with oregano extract to support the immune system. Oregano has been shown to support chickens’ natural resilience, to encourage appetite and maintain gut health. Oregano is also a  natural anti-microbial and a source of anti-oxidants. Also included are fenugreek and charcoal to naturally soothe the gut plus ground cloves and garlic granules for health  and vitality.


What is it for?

Cheer-Up Chicken provides a nutritional boost for laying hens. Feed when your hens need a pick-me-up, for example, after worming or a red mite infestation, for new rescues, during moulting and as the seasons change.  It is very palatable and will help encourage your girls to eat if they are feeling off form. Or, feed  as a delicious afternoon treat with the added benefits provided by herbs and spices.


How is it Made?

Cheer-Up Chicken is handmade in small batches using human food-standard spices and Orego-Stim ™ a patented oregano extract to ensure quality and effectiveness.


Feeding Instructions

Feed 1 – 2 tablespoons per hen per day. Feed during times of stress or as a tasty treat.  Ensure fresh, clean drinking water is available at all times.


Composition: wheat, maize, naked oats, mixed millets, white dari, black sunflowers, linseed, safflower, red dari, breeder pellets, black rapeseed, peeled rice, buckwheat, mung beans, white millet, orego-stim pellets, ground & micronised linseed meal, garlic granules, fenugreek, ground cloves, vegetal carbon, soya oil, hemp seed oil, aniseed oil, cod liver oil.


Analytical Constituents:  crude protein 13.2%, crude fats & oils 7.83%, crude fibre 4.9%, crude ash 2.9%, calcium 0.42%, phosphorus 0.37%, sodium 0.05%, methionine 0.39%, lysine 0.53%.





Cheer Up Chicken by The Little Feed Company

PriceFrom £6.95

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