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Garvo Layers Mash Complete (730) 20kg

A very high quality complete layers feed from Garvo. 

Feed ad lib from point of lay.  Can be fed dry.


Composition: maizemash, soya dehulled extracted toasted*, wheat, maize, lime stones, rape seed extracted, maize gluten feed, shell grit, dehydrated alfalfa meal, soya oil*    * from genetic modificated soybeans


Analytical constituents/kg: crude protein 14,9 %, crude fat 3,7 %, crude fiber 4,5 %, crude ash 12,6 %, calcium 30,26 g, phosphorus 5,85 g, sodium 1,5 g, lysin 7,08 g, methionin 3,56 g Addition/kg (Vitamins): E672 Vitamin(e) A 10250 IE, E671 Vitamin(e) D3 2050 IE, Vitamin(e) E 47 mg Addition/kg (Traces): E4 copper (copperchelate from amino acids, hydrate) 4 mg, E4 copper (copper(ll) sulfate pentahydrate) 3 mg, E5 manganese (manganese chelate of amino acids hydrate) 28 mg, E5 manganese (manganous oxide) 28 mg, E6 zinc (zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate) 14 mg, E6 zinc (zinc oxide) 14 mg, E1 iron (Ferrous sulphate, monohydrate) 41 mg, Selenium (organic form CNCM 1-3060) 0.09 mg, E2 iodine (Potassium iodide) 1 mg Addition/kg (pigments): E161g Canthaxanthin(e) 3.5 mg, E161b/h lutein(e)/zeaxanthin(e) 2.7 mg

Garvo Layers Mash Complete (730) 20kg


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