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Chicken Worm Count Kit - Westgate Labs

Worm egg count kit to test for infection levels of avian parasites


Test kit includes everything you need to take and send a sample including pre-paid voucher(s) for laboratory testing.


What will the test show?


  • Coccidia Oocysts
  • Capillaria eggs
  • Ascaridia eggs (roundworms)
  • Heterakis eggs
  • Any other eggs seen in the sample


Checking the health of your flock regularly will give you peace of mind that your birds aren't carrying unwelcome parasite infections that will impact their health, while hopefully reducing the need for regular chemical treatments. 


You can choose to test individual birds or a composite sample from groups that are housed together. We advise submitting one sample for every 10-15 birds if choosing this method.

We use the industry standard modified McMaster technique using a centrifuge to separate out any eggs as well as removing the sediment from the sample, making it much easier to identify them under the microscope – this method is far superior to a simple strained method. 



Choose a time to worm check when your chickens have not been recently wormed as a recent dose could give a false negative result.

  • Test late in the year during or after the moult, so that you know your birds are going into the winter worm free.
  • Test Jan-March ready for the breeding season or to ensure good egg production in Spring
  • Test newly acquired stock
  • Test an individual you are concerned about
  • A general check during the laying season




Chicken Worm Count Kit - Westgate Labs


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