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Feldy Pecker Grazer Block 1.2kg

The new Feldy Grazer pecker block is a combination of delicious healthy ingredients, including ground and whole wheat, kibbled maize and white flour plus white refined fat. As with all Feldy products it contains no fillers, no bulking ingredients and no artificial binders.


The Block also has the addition of quality cut dried grass, which has plenty of health benefits for chickens, including being high in vitamin A, B6 and C plus iron, as well as being advantageous for gut health.


The Grazer block is the perfect boredom busting treat to help encourage natural foraging and will assist in helping to prevent vices such as feather pecking in pens.


Simply remove the block carefully from the tub as instructed and hang it up at a convenient height for your chickens to enjoy.

Feldy Pecker Grazer Block 1.2kg


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