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Nestera Large Chicken House - Free Delivery

Free Delivery - We usually have the houses in stock to collect. If the house you are looking for is showing as out of stock please click 'Pre-order' and we can have it delivered to your door free of charge anywhere in mainland UK (excludes Highlands)! Your free kit will be shipped separately.


Free kit with every house includes our bestselling chicken products worth £34:

- 5kg Superseeds

- 2 x Alfalfa Blocks

- 1 x Hanging Treat Net

- 2kg Gourmet Grit


Developed in the UK over two decades (previously under the name Green Frog Designs), these chicken coops have been designed for the wellbeing and comfort of your flock.


We stock the Nestera Coop in 2 styles - the Lodge on short legs and the Coop which is higher and has a sheltered area below the coop and can be fitted with wheels to enable easy movability.


The large coops and lodge are equipped with two perches and two nesting boxes and are suitable for up to 8-10 medium sized hens.


Please click here to order wheels for the Raised Coop.

Click here to order a run.

Click here to order a run extension.


The Lodges and Raised coops are elevated off the ground 22.5cm and 45cm respectively, making them even easier to clean and collect eggs. This additional space under the Raised coop can be used for feeding and allows your hens to take shelter from bad weather.


The large Raised Coop can be supplied either with or without a run. The large is the only one in the range that can be supplied with a run.




Adjustable ventilation and excellent thermal insulation offer comfortable temperatures all year round, while the rounded ed